Income Protection

Never think it could happen to you?

No matter how old you are, protecting your future is essential.

What would you do if you fell ill, or had an accidental injury and were unable to work? That’s where Signature Mortgages can help you.

Income Protection provides you with a monthly tax free replacement income in the event of illness. They are many ways it is able to help:

It can replace a proportion of your lost earnings (typically up to 60% of your gross earnings), meaning protection of some of your living expenses.

It can also provide cover for housepersons, those engaged in full-time household duties However, its main benefit is that it helps to maintain your standard of living, offering peace of mind.

If you want security and protection for you and your family and want some more information regarding Income Protection, contact Signature Mortgages today, for a free initial no obligation discussion for all your protection needs on 01745 585859 or email Alternatively, use the Call Back form to register your enquiry. We will deal with your enquiry in as flexible way as possible, whether it’s face to face, by telephone, post or e mail.

There are limits to the amount you can arrange, usually 65% of your gross salary. Pre existing medical conditions may be excluded.